DeJiāVU empowers Hisilicon-based STBs to become the Control Center for the SmartHome

Taipei, Taiwan and Shenzhen, China – May 29th, 2017 – Beechwoods Software, Inc., an embedded software innovation company, announces the availability of its DeJiāVU product for controlling SmartHome and Healthcare Internet of Things (IoT) devices on Hisilicon-based STB platforms.

DeJiāVU is designed uniquely and specifically with TV and STB in mind, allowing supported TV and STB to control all IoT devices in the home, turning the TV or STB into the Control Center for the Smart Home. DeJiāVU currently supports OCF / Alljoyn / UPnP / BLE / Wifi, along with other proprietary eco-systems of devices. In addition to be feature-full, DeJiāVU is also easily customizable to the needs of its clients.

Hisilicon, as a worldwide leading semiconductor company providing silicon solutions in digital home, communications and wireless terminals, today announces the collaboration with Beechwoods Software to provide a solution to control IoT devices from the living room – and any other room equipped with a STB.

The Hisilicon Hi3798/Hi3796 series of chipsets includes Hi3798M V100, Hi3798M V200, Hi3796M V100, Hi3796M V200, and Hi3798C V200. It provides solutions for entry-level through high-end FHD/UHD STBs. With the availability of DeJiāVU on its STB platforms, Hisilicon is taking the lead in the IoT-enabled STB market, providing the full connectivity and flexibility to the state of the art IoT devices in the home.

“We want to thank Hisilicon for their support throughout this project, thanks to the excellence of their SoCs and of their development tools, DeJiāVU is now achieving all its potential on Hisilicon platforms, allowing customers of products based on Hisilicon SoCs to fully control their home IoT devices with a simple, intuitive yet powerful User Interface”, said Herve Jourdain, General Manager Asia of Beechwoods Software.

“Beechwoods Software continues to add its innovative software expertise and experience to enable the merging of STB technology with the expanding IoT market place. By remaining actively involved in standards like OCF, we open the world of collaboration to MSOs and ODMs,” said Brad Kemp, Chief Executive Officer of Beechwoods Software.

“IoT is believed to be the next battlefield of digital home. It is a market which is forecast to reach 50 billion devices in the coming years. It is an important step for Hisilicon to provide a solution to enable the STB based on our platforms to become the control center for Smart Home and IoT devices. With Beechwoods Software’s technology and DeJiāVU, we can bring a Smart Home and Healthcare solution to our customers.” said John Liu, GM STB division of Hisilicon.