LIPS®, a global leading provider in 3DxAI solutions, is announcing the partnership with Beechwoods Software, a leading embedded software service provider, to offer a turnkey ROS-ROS2 based AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot) design service for the equipment makers in the warehouse, agriculture, and heavy-machinery segments.

Unlike its predecessor AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle), AMR is a new generation of robot that can operate independently and navigate its environment without human guidance. AMRs are also more flexible and adaptable and can handle changing layouts, obstacles, and different terrains without extensive infrastructure modifications. AMRs are designed to work alongside humans and incorporate advanced safety features to operate in proximity to humans safely.

The goal of the LIPS and Beechwoods Software collaboration is to enable the existing equipment makers to upgrade its current AGV design to an AMR based design. Both LIPS and Beechwoods Software have proven experiences in supporting world-class customers for the AMR design and can provide turnkey implementation services to make the upgrade as painless as possible for the equipment makers.

“AMR is increasingly being adopted by the market due to its collaborative nature with humans, flexibility by design, and improved safety. The existing AGV makers can benefit from this newly introduced AMR design service and make the transition as painless as possible”, said Luke Liu, CEO of LIPS Corporation.

“We understand the significant implementation challenges for the existing equipment makers to upgrade to an AMR-based design. That’s why we believe providing turnkey implementation services are so critical and are excited to be collaborating closely with LIPS.”, said Mike Daulerio, VP Marketing and Business Development.

For more information, please visit LIPS website at or write to for inquiry.