Products and Solutions

Beechwoods has deep expertise designing and integrating embedded software for new platforms and deployments of resource-constrained devices.



Smart Home Control
DeJiāVU supports numerous IoT protocols and interfaces such as: Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF), Alljoyn, UPnP, BLE and WiFi devices. The software has been pre-integrated with a number of industry leading devices and can be customized to support proprietary protocols.

Edge Optimized Solution


Edge Optimized Solution
Built on EdgeX, our Edge Gateway is the “Rosetta Stone of IoT”. It can be configured to input any protocol; Processes, stores, and aggregates data for dashboard viewing and output to any cloud or network. Use it for creating smarter, more independent consumer, enterprise and industrial equipment.

Location Services Framework


Location Services Framework
Location Services Framework (LSF) can be leveraged for a wide variety of marketing and process-driven use cases. Incorporate LSF functionality into apps, leverage technologies like barcodes, RFID trackers, NFC tags and IoT scanners to update databases in real time when assets are moved.