Embedded Software Development

We have a proven track record of supporting all aspects of our clients’ development and integration efforts through all product cycles including planning, implementation, release, and support.

We work as an extension of your team, engineering new products or allowing your staff to focus on a single platform while we handle the development environment. We build custom boot loaders for reference platforms, device drivers, and middleware and user interfaces; tackle tool-chain selection; identify and debug issues; and integrate applications onto your hardware.

When you partner with Beechwoods, you can be confident that we’ll help you get your hardware to market quickly and inexpensively. Our embedded software development services include:

  • Project Management
  • Issue Identification and Resolution
  • Product Development
  • System Integration
  • Hardware/Software Testing

“Recently, Samsung partnered with Beechwoods Software on our middleware integration project, and we were extremely pleased with the results. With Beechwoods’ help, we were able to successfully compress our project. Their expertise in embedded software integration and their professionalism would make them an asset to any company.”

— Peter
Program Manager, Samsung Electronics

Internet of Things

Beechwoods Software has received industry accolades as the author and working group chair of the Location Services Framework for the AllSeen Alliance’s AllJoyn Internet of Things implementation and is a finalist in the 2016 MassTLC Leadership Awards for “Best Use of Technology; Internet of Things for Location Services.

Beechwoods has extensive experience connecting devices over multiple protocols to the cloud as well as proximal networks.

Mobile Device Development

Handheld devices are quickly becoming the primary medium for computing and entertainment alike, and Beechwoods is on top of the trend. We bring our embedded development expertise to the development of custom drivers to take full advantage of device capabilities for mobile platforms. Our mobile device development services include:

  • Android development
  • App development
  • Porting content and applications to Android
  • UI development and implementation
  • Superior image and video manipulation and rendering
  • App development