Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) Solutions

Beechwoods can help bring your AMR product to market faster

Autonomous Mobile Robots

Is your engineering org struggling to transition from ROS 1 to ROS 2? Or does your group need support with hardware bring-up, device drivers and integration of sensing technologies like cameras and LiDAR? 

Beechwoods’ team of experts help companies navigate the complexities of embedded systems for robotics product development.

Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) solutions are increasingly needed in a wide range of industries, from manufacturing to warehousing to agriculture and beyond. AMRs are utilized in warehouse, logistics, agriculture and other industrial applications where organizations are looking to improve operational efficiency and safety.

Many companies are exploring this market or adapting existing products to bring added value by functioning as AMRs, but this requires special expertise to make the best solution.

Our developers help clients with hardware platform evaluation, firmware and software implementation, systems integration and other engineering services necessary to deploy Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) solutions.

Beechwoods can provide specific expertise to round out your team and get your AMR to market faster.

Our Skills, Capabilities, and Expertise

  • Proficiency with various SoC and microprocessor solutions
  • Kernels and Operating Systems:
    • Embedded Linux – Yocto Project
    • FreeRTOS, Zephyr RTOS 
    • uC/OS
    • ROS-1, ROS-2 and micro-ROS
  • Sensors, Cameras and AI/ ML:
    • Evaluation and calibration of sensors, cameras, LiDAR and related technologies
    • Device drivers and systems integration
    • OpenCV, TensorFlow and other learning platform solutions
  • Safety system software:
    • Object detection implementation
    • Diagnostics,unit tests and static code analysis
  • Efficient, quality and maintainable code
    • C/C++, Python