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IoT interoperability

Beechwoods Software is a thought leader in the Internet of Things (IoT) interoperability with deep-domain knowledge of embedded, resource-constrained devices. Beechwoods’ multinational team of experts produces advanced software solutions and helps bring high quality, innovative products to market. Since 2005, our team has deployed software on over tens of millions of connected devices.

According to a survey by Cisco, 60 percent of IoT initiatives stall at the Proof of Concept (PoC) stage, and only 26 percent of companies have had an IoT initiative that they considered a complete success. A third of all completed projects were considered failures.

Be one of the winners

  • Success 26% 26%
  • Failed 30% 30%
  • Stalled 60% 60%

Project Rescue Example

Legrand Home Systems partnered with Beechwoods Software because of Beechwoods’ knowledge of the Open Connectivity Forum (OCF) and small footprint System on Modules (SoMs). The initial scope of work was to migrate a Thread Border Router from Fedora Linux to Ubuntu Linux.

Beechwoods went beyond the stated scope of work to also improve the build environment including the nightly build and automated testing systems. Legrand increased Beechwoods’ scope because of the success of the first phase.

In this next phase, Legrand transferred all of the Embedded Linux development and half of the bare-metal (no RTOS) development to Beechwoods. Without Beechwoods’ assistance and knowledge of Thread and OCF, the project would have experienced significant delays and cost overruns.


“When our IoT new product development project was faced with a significant firmware challenge that we did not have the internal resources to handle, we turned to the Beechwoods’ team to help us out.”

“With their expertise in wireless connectivity, memory constrained devices, and deep knowledge in the Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF) interoperability standard, they helped us quickly and successfully get our product to market at major retail and e-commerce sites.”

“Beechwoods is a trusted partner in our product development and maintenance efforts. I would highly recommend them for any new development or existing project rescue and turnaround. You can count on them to deliver!”

–Jim Osterbrock
VP Engineering, Electrical Wiring Systems/ Wiring Devices
Legrand North America

IoT Leadership

Beechwoods Software has been a thought leader in the Internet of Things (IoT) interoperability helping to drive initiatives and actively contributing to open source projects for the AllSeen Alliance, Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF), EdgeX Foundry and Linux Foundation. We have extensive experience connecting devices over multiple protocols to the cloud as well as proximal networks.

Beechwoods is a Platinum member of OCF, and has deep domain expertise in the specification as well as the IoTivity open source. We are chairing OCF activities like the Healthcare Project, A/V Task Force and the AllJoyn Open Source Workgroup. Additionally, we have received industry accolades as the author and working group chair of the Location Services Framework for the AllJoyn Internet of Things implementation and a finalist in the 2016 MassTLC Leadership Awards for “Best Use of Technology; Internet of Things for Location Services.

Beechwoods is one of the 60 global founding members of LF Edge, an active member of EdgeX Foundry and Chair of the Certification Working Group. EdgeX Foundry is now part of LF Edge, an umbrella organization that establishes an open, interoperable framework for edge computing independent of hardware, silicon, cloud, or operating system.

Another IoT Project Rescue Success

“We had a challenging IoT project and we sent out RFPs to many companies. We, in fact, originally hired another company who claimed to have the required expertise at a reasonable price. After that company missed multiple milestones, we engaged Beechwoods.

Through their audit, it was determined that not only the code was very inefficient, it contained AGPL licensed code from third-parties. Had this code left the development repository and into a production environment, there would have been dire consequences for the future of our product and our company.

As the result, we decided to completely start over with Beechwoods and do things the proper way. I personally interacted with their engineers and found every single one of them to be of outstanding character, integrity, and expertise.

Let’s just say we actively look for ways to continue our partnership with Beechwoods Software and are grateful for the work they have done.”

–Kevin Faro

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Some ways we can help:

In our experience, the following are a few areas that result in product reliability issues, device incompatibility and an overall poor customer experience.

  • Out of Box Experience and Ease of Use
  • Device Onboarding and Authentication
  • Wireless Router Compatibility
  • Mobile App Responsiveness, Stability and Consistency
  • Over-the-Air (OTA) Firmware Updates


  • Embedded Firmware
  • Open Source: Yocto Project, FreeRTOS, Zephyr RTOS
  • IoT Protocols: WiFi/ BLE/ Thread/ Zigbee/ Z-Wave/ LoRa/ RFID/ Wirepas Mesh IoT
  • Mobile Apps: Android/ iOS/ Proprietary
  • Cloud Integration
  • Edge Computing and Analytics
  • Security/ Encryption/ Authentication:  DigiCert Device Trust