Mobile Device Development

Mobile devices are quickly becoming the primary medium for computing, entertainment and IoT device control. Beechwoods brings our embedded development expertise to the development of custom drivers to take full advantage of device capabilities for mobile platforms. Our mobile device development services include:

  • Android and iOS development
  • App Store Certification support
  • App Code maintenance
  • UI development and implementation
  • Porting content and applications to Android

Additionally, Beechwoods is a Trusted Software Partner for Irdeto and as a channel partner, we are authorized to offer Irdeto’s automated service for Android and iOS application security. The solution is powered by Cloakware™ technology and ML algorithms, and protects apps from reverse-engineering, tampering and cloning.

  • Prevents paid apps and subscriptions loss of revenue
  • Protects apps subject to industry regulations
  • Protects personal information, credentials and other critical data
  • Prevents high-value intellectual property from being cloned
Irdeto Cloakware
For more information on our application development and Trusted Software solution: